EDI Objectives and Actions

We have a robust EDI Action Plan that is revised and updated regularly with thorough objectives and the specific actions we need to take to embed equality, diversity, and inclusion across our campuses. These objectives are driven by feedback and data that we collect from staff and students. Here are a few examples – if you would like to know more about how we develop and action our objectives, please reach out to the EDI team at equality@ucg.ac.uk

Objective: Develop wider EDI engagement to ensure all staff have an active role in improving EDI

Action: Recruit and engage Equality Champions among staff to share ideas, feedback, and concerns about EDI initiatives on campus and serve as a link between students and staff 

Objective: Promote EDI and raise awareness internally through events and programming that celebrates diversity

Action: Maintain calendar of national and international recognition days; raise awareness of recognition days through social media posts, virtual and in-person events, and trainings for staff and students.

EDI Action Plan 2023-24