Skills Forums

With an increased focus on skills meeting industry needs, feedback from a range of Government and national bodies, industries needing a skilled workforce, many vacancies going unfilled, as well as big changes to qualifications and funding, this is now the perfect time for industry and education to work even closer together. Due to this we are launching our Skills Forums so that businesses can have a real say on shaping the skills being delivered now and in the future at the College of North West London.

About Skills Forums

We want to be sure that our courses contain the right skills for industry, so that when our students move into the world of work they can be an instant benefit to businesses across the region and beyond.

Skills Forums are a way that businesses and employers can help us best prepare their future workforce. Our intention is that each industry sector at College of North West London will have a Skills Forum who work with us:

  • to review the content of relevant courses/ curriculum areas to confirm it is entirely relevant to the industry sector as it works currently and anticipate any changing future needs
  • make sure that we are using the correct technology and latest methods so that our learners are equipped to enter the workforce
  • to make sure we fully understand routes to employment in specific industries in a world of employment that is rapidly changing

What do employers gain? 

As a member of a Skills forum employers can have a real impact to shape skills delivery in terms of course content, delivery and more. Their expertise is what they know about their industry, what skills are needed now and by working with us review the content of the relevant course to confirm that content is fully relevant to the current workings of  the sector.

  • will have the opportunity to engage with a range of college staff, many of whom came from industry into teaching. This will be through ‘in person’ and online sessions
  • might want to demonstrate the sector or organisation to a pipeline of future potential employees
  • may choose to be a guest speaker, host student visits to the workplace for tours or activities, run a short masterclass/careers talks 
  • or offer work experience placements or real-life project briefs for students to work on

In return for their time and expertise they will be ensuring the future workforce has the skills they need. In addition, they will receive VIP invites to a range of awards events we hold, be sent our termly employer newsletter and have access to regular updates on what funding and initiatives becomes available to help their business be successful. Furthermore, they will have access to 1000s of students that might just be  their next recruit.

For more information on collaboration opportunities or upcoming Skills Forums, feel free to reach out to us at