Learning at the college

Student at a computer

Join in, have fun and make mistakes! 

At The College of North West London, your teachers will not only help you develop knowledge and understanding, first and foremost they will help you develop skills. These will include:

•Note-making and summarising
•Memory and recall 
•Time management 
•Action planning 
•Deeper thinking  - assessing, analysing and evaluating
•Creative thinking
•Problem solving
•Team working - cooperative working, compromise, negotiation, flexibility, avoiding excessive blaming and taking responsibility
•Resilience – normalising and learning from mistakes

These are skills that employers tell us that they value, as much as your qualification, and this is why we place great importance on you developing these ‘employability’ skills, which also include English and Mathematics. We will help you develop and apply English and Maths skills, no matter what you are studying. 

What does this mean for me? 

•It means your lessons will reflect and develop the skills and knowledge for your subjects and for your career aims
•You will be actively participating, working collaboratively and solving problems, often independently from your teacher 
•You will assess and evaluate your own progress and that of your classmates 
•You will contribute directly to learning in a safe environment and value the diversity of your class 
•Your teachers will always challenge you to go further, and, through constructive feedback, get you to be the best you can possibly be 
•It means all your teachers will help you apply English and Mathematics in all the classes you have 


•To help your progression opportunities, employability prospects and improve your life chances
•To achieve the best grades possible (all exam boards mark you down if your English and Mathematics aren’t as good as they should be) 

Along the way you'll make mistakes, don't worry about them and don't stop having a go, because mistakes are how we all learn - so celebrate them!