Our website has been designed to be accessible and user friendly by following the W3C’s WAI accessibility guidelines as closely as possible. This website is designed to be accessible in the following ways:

Colour Scheme and Text

The colour scheme ensures text and background are well-contrasted and easy to read. Fonts and text size display well on different platforms.

PDF Files

Adobe Acrobat reader will be needed to open PDF files on our website. You can download Adobe Reader, or to view within your browser without installing additional software, use a tool such as Google Docs.

How to Change the Size of Text:

Internet Explorer

Click on the ‘View’ menu and choose the ‘Text Size’ option, then the text size you require.


Click on the ‘View’ menu, then click on ‘Zoom’ and choose Zoom In or Zoom Out.


Choose 'zoom' from the main menu


Click on the ‘View’ menu, then select ‘Text Size’ and choose to increase or decrease the text size.


Click on the ‘View’ menu, then select ‘Zoom’.

Screen Resolution

Depending on your platform, your screen’s resolution can be changed to make the screen smaller or larger:

Windows – Click on Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings.
Apple Macintosh – Click on System Preferences > Displays > Resolution.
Linux – GNOME Desktop: Click on System > Preferences > Screen Resolution.
KDE Desktop: Click on K Menu > Computer > System Settings > Display.

More information can be found on the W3C’s web page on how to change text size or colours.

Online Accessibility

United Colleges Group is committed to making its online services available to as many people as possible. We have therefore made a number of changes to our new website to make it accessible in accordance with the accessibility guidelines.


There are many links to PDF documents on our site. To read these documents, you will need to download Adobe Reader. 


We believe strongly in the right for all our users to have easy access to our services and information. For this reason it is our aim to ensure that all web pages made for this website are written using cascading style sheets (CSS) for presentation and aim to conform to the web content guidelines.

Text size

We've made it easy for you to change the size on our website. If the text is too small for you, then you can change it to a size that you are more comfortable with:

  • In Internet Explorer (IE) on PCs, click the view tab in the menu bar and select text size. You will find a choice of sizes available to use.
  • In most other browsers, including recent versions of Mozilla and Safari (on Mac), text size is renamed text zoom.