Enrolment for September 2018 start

Monday 17th to Thursday 20th Sept, 4pm to 7pm

Come along to secure your place and complete enrolment. You can enrol onto all CNWL courses at this time. Full list of opening hours and campus locations here.
Enrolment is open to all school leavers, parents and adult learners. If you have not applied in advance we will provide the guidance you need to decide what course is for you. And if you have applied in advance, we will be ensuring you join a course at the right level to meet your ambitions.

What enrolment involves

'Enrolling' on a course means completing the process of providing your details and making sure that you will be on a course of the right level to meet your needs and ambitions.

We aim to make your visit as useful and quick as possible. However, we do need to be thorough to make sure that you are enrolled onto the right course, as this is vital to your success. 
The steps you will go through ensure that:
- We record your personal details accurately 
- You study at a level that gives you the best chance to progress and succeed, and get appropriate support. To enable this, you will undertake a short assessment
- You get the specialist guidance you need to enrol on a course that will help you fulfil your ambitions
- Any fees you need to pay (if aged 19+) are calculated properly and you can access any fee reductions and financial support available. Courses for all under-19s are free at CNWL.
- You complete the enrolment process, get your ID card and finish with details of your College induction day(s) in early September
The process may take up to 3 hours, depending on wait times and what guidance you need.

What do you need to enrol?

To complete your enrolment, you will also need to bring some documents. Click here for details