Supported Internship FAQs


What is DFN Project Search?

Project SEARCH is an international transition to work programme committed to transforming the lives of young people with learning disabilities and autism. They provide a model of delivery used for some of our internship courses. You can find more information here:

Will I be paid during internship?

No, you will not be paid. You will receive the education, help and support you need to gain a paid job on completion of the internship.

Will there be support available for travel training?

We are not funded to provide travel training. We can help interns learn new routes to placement but you should be talking to your school, college or local authority now about support to ensure you are an independent traveller before the programme begins.

What is expected from families?

Please support your young person by ensuring they are dressed appropriately and leave on time. You will also be invited to attend regular meetings and events so you can be an active part of your young person’s progression towards the work place.

Do you have to get a job at the end?

We expect all applicants to want to find long term paid employment of 16+ hours per week on completion of this programme.

What about the impact in benefits?

Your normal benefits will apply during the course. You can request a better off in work calculation from your local job centre to assess the future impact of the young person entering work or use the online calculator.

Is there any financial support available during this course?

You may be able to apply for a college bursary if the young person is in receipt of eligible benefits and holds their own bank account. Please be aware the young person can receive Universal Credit alongside PIP, do enquire with your Job Centre about this.

How will I pay for travel?

If you do not have a Freedom Pass please apply for one now. If you are not eligible for a Freedom Pass please apply for an 18+ Student Oyster Card to receive reduced fares during the programme.

Am I guaranteed a job?

No, we cannot guarantee a job however many of our interns have successfully progressed into paid work or gone on to apprenticeships or traineeships. You will receive job coaching support after the programme finishes to help you apply for jobs, attend interviews and if you are successfully employed, to settle into and be successful in your new role.