Students show support for world charity event

As part of International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPWD), students were recently invited to take part in a trust walk around the College of North West London campus at Willesden.

The day began as the students worked in pairs, with one blindfolded while being led by another around the campus for 30 minutes. It enabled them to experience the feeling of having a visual impairment and also raised awareness of disabilities.

At the end of all the tasks, students headed back to the Sir Richard Eyre Theatre and handed in their Task Sheets, which will go into a prize draw to win 10 Student Activity vouchers.

Marc Andrews, Sports and Enrichment Coordinator said:

“We had a wonderful Trust Walk Event with 50 students and staff taking part in the challenge to complete a series of tasks whilst being blindfolded and guided around the College.

“This event is always well received around the college and the students love taking part which is great.”

Well done to everyone who took part!