Biology students become surgeons for a day

Students from College of North West London recently had a hands-on experience never to forget.

The Level 3, Year 2 students dissected lamb hearts as a part of their biology curriculum. Viewing the different chambers of the heart, arteries and veins of the heart helped learners relate to the structure and function of the organ.

Student Lily Desalegn said: “Dissecting a heart gives us a chance to see what we learn in theory and it was very enjoyable session.”

While classmate Carol Borges added: “It was an unforgettable experience. I was able to learn about and observe the many components of the heart. It was fascinating to see an actual heart rather than a 2D picture on a paper.”

And Shuvam Sinha agreed, commenting: “The dissection was exciting as we saw different parts of the heart. For example, we saw structures like the vena cava, aorta and the four chambers.”

It just goes to show… CNWL students are a cut above the rest!