Level 2 Applied Science students go on eco adventure

College of North West London students recently enjoyed a day of ‘Hyde’ and seek as they went on a field trip as part of their curriculum.

Our Level 2 Applied Science tutors and learners visited the The LookOut, Hyde Park – where people of all ages, abilities and communities can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and learn about the natural world.

The centre focuses on the ecology practical work, which is linked to the CWC biology curriculum. Its purpose-built gardens and indoor spaces are practical all year round, whatever the weather, with two ‘discovery’ classrooms each able to host up to 30 people.

Students analysed biotic indicators like lichens; invertebrates in the pond to assess the water quality as well as abiotic indicators such as temperature, light intensity, PH, Oxygen concentration and nitrate concentration to assess the air and water quality.

The trip helped the learners understand the impact of human activities on the ecosystems and to evaluate the methods used to reduce pollution.