College Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

College of North West London are delighted to join with colleges across the country to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week. Running from 7-13 February, the week-long celebration aims to highlight the role that apprenticeships play in helping prepare young people for their future careers.

College of North West London and their sister college, City of Westminster College, are holding a series of events across its campuses to mark the event.

Representatives of the college have visited local secondary schools, including Newman Catholic College, to discuss the benefits of an apprenticeship at a United Colleges Group college with pupils and staff.

Employers have also been encouraged to get involved, with meetings held to discuss how the on-going excellent relationships businesses have with both colleges can be developed, improved upon, and used to benefit both students and the local economy.

The celebration concludes on Friday with a drop-in session, to allow prospective apprentices the opportunity to learn more about what studying at a United Colleges Group college can do for them.

Current apprentices have also been keen to join in with the celebrations and discuss how their courses have helped them.

Carpentry student Joss spoke warmly of the lecturing staff they work with and noted that their apprenticeship has given them valuable practical learning and a lot of support.

Andrew, also studying carpentry, began his apprenticeship as he was looking for a career change and praised the course for helping him to learn a wide range of skills in a way that suits him.

The United Colleges Group thoroughly appreciates the hard work, dedication, and commitment that its apprenticeship students have shown and wishes them, and their lecturers and employers, a very happy National Apprenticeship Week.

Stephen Davis, Group Principal and CEO of the United Colleges Group, said: “Our apprentices routinely show that they are an enthusiastic and highly-skilled group.

“They are a key part of our college community and their drive and passion their trades is always impressive.

“I would like to wish them all a very happy National Apprenticeship Week and reiterate the United Colleges Group’s commitment to being there for them at every stage of their careers.”