College Group Celebrates LGBT+ History Month

The United Colleges Group is proud to be celebrating LGBT+ History Month.

Both City of Westminster College and the College of North West London benefit enormously from their many LGBT+ students and members of staff who make such a positive contribution to life on campus and around the city.

The LGBT+ community is full of dynamic, creative, loving, hardworking, and compassionate people, many of whom have overcome many difficulties in the past, and the college group is proud to stand with them throughout LGBT+ History Month and beyond.

February has been designated as the month for awareness-raising of the successes, achievements, struggles, and civil rights issues surrounding the LGBT+ community.

Each year, this period of celebration and reflection is given a theme with this year’s being “Body, Mind, Spirit”.

In line with this year’s theme, the college group is facilitating several events across its colleges to celebrate LGBT+ History Month.

Staff and students are being given training, hosted by Educate & Celebrate, on how to create a more LGBT+ inclusive environment, student support group Q+ have hosted a well-attended screening of classic comedy Mean Girls, and the Mosaic LGBT+ Trust is due to hold a workshop for students on LGBT+ history on 24 February.

The United Colleges Group is dedicated to working with its LGBT+ students and staff to ensure a safe, inclusive, positive, and welcoming environment for all regardless of sexuality or gender identity.

Both colleges are engaging in workshops and other activities aimed at boosting the level of engagement they have with their LGBT+ communities and to celebrating their history.


Stephen Davis, Group Principal of the United Colleges Group, said:

“As a leading provider of further education in London, we are proud to stand with our LGBT+ students and staff, alongside the wider LGBT+ community, during LGBT+ History Month.

“The LGBT+ community makes a huge contribution to the life and work of both the College of North West London and City of Westminster College and it is right that we take time to acknowledge and celebrate them.

“I, and my colleagues in the group’s leadership team, wish all of our LGBT+ community and happy, safe, and rewarding LGBT+ History Month.”