Apprenticeship Week– Jamie Nguyen

Apprenticeship Week 2021 allows colleges and employers to draw some much-deserved attention to the hardworking and dedicated apprentices they work with.

In doing so, Jamie Nguyen, who is currently working towards a Controls Engineering Apprenticeship at College of North West London, stands out as a great example.

Jamie completed his A-levels and decided to pursue an apprenticeship at College of North West London based on the mix of practical and academic education offered by the course.

As part of his apprenticeship, Jamie works at energy firm Johnson Controls in order to refine and build the skills base that he will need for his future career,

In particular, Jamie has praised the apprenticeship programme for allowing him to pursue the practical side of learning while not sacrificing academics. 

He also spoke fondly about the support and facilities offered by the college and has said that he would recommend the course and the College of North West London to others. 

Jamie has so impressed his employer that they have offered him a permanent position with Johnson Controls when he finishes his apprenticeship. 

Apprentices at both the College of North West London and City of Westminster College play a valued role in the college community of both colleges and the United Colleges Group is proud to wish them every success as they celebrate Apprenticeship Week 2021. 


Commenting, Jamie said:

“I’ve gained so much from my apprenticeship at College of North West London and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone thinking of following in my footsteps to apply, especially if they’re a hands-on learner like me.

“The support and education here is excellent and their facilities are great. 

“I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far and I’m excited to see where my career takes me.”


Stephen Davis, Group Principal of the United Colleges Group, said:

“Jamie has earned the right to be very proud of himself and to have every confidence for in his future.

“Our apprentices are a key part of our college communities and Jamie is a brilliant example of what an apprenticeship can help them achieve.

“I wish him, and all our apprentices, a very happy Apprenticeship Week 2021.”