Returning to College

 Information for Students - Latest News as of 17th May 2021.


Timetables, Masks and Social Distancing from Monday May 17th

Many more of our classes are returning to full face to face teaching from Monday 17th May. This means that all of the class will come into College for classes at the same time – the class will no longer be split into two.  This means that there may be some slight changes to some timetables. The exact plan will depend on which subject students are studying. Please note that some parts of the timetable - for example, tutorial, will stay online.

Please make sure that you have the information about your timetable for the remainder of the term.  Your teacher will have told you if there were any changes. Please check with your teacher if they haven’t already told you or on Teams.

At the College we have decided to continue for the moment to wear masks in all areas of the College, including classrooms/ workshops. Please make sure you continue to wear a mask at all times in the College. 

Social Distancing rules will still apply in communal areas – for example corridors, the LRC and canteens, coffeeshops in the College.

If you have any questions please ask your teacher in the first instance.