Supported Internships - case studies

Our first cohort of 12 Supported Interns started the programme in September 2016 and completed in Summer 2017.
Here are some of their stories.

Sean - now employed at Charing Cross Hospital Supported Internship award winner

“I was well supported by the Supported Internship team and my mentor in my work place. I have learnt different work skills and how to be professional.  I am proud that I now work as a Porter in the post-room at Charing Cross Hospital. Every day I walk around the building meeting patients, visitors and staff. I enjoy helping patients and visitors to find where they are going because the hospital is a big place.   

Maulika - now employed at Charing Cross Hospital

“While I was on the Supported Internship I learnt all about being professional, infection control, health and safety, food safety and how to work with patients. I am now employed as a Ward Host at Charing Cross Hospital, serving patients and preparing food. I love my job and I am earning my own wages. This has helped me become more independent.”   

Case Studies written during the internships


“The day starts early, I get into my scrubs and then straight away start delivering equipment. The jobNimo mainly involves bringing sterile equipment to the theatres and taking used equipment back to the service rooms. We have to be very careful with stock and use scanners to keep track of everything. I scan the parcels in and out. If we have a quiet time I get to look in on theatre which is good because I will be working there in a few months, providing equipment to the medical team.

It’s great to work with a lot of different people. I love the internship and will be staying with the surgery unit for the whole year, doing various roles.”


“I work working in administration, making appointments and updating records of neurosurgery patients. I’veDonna also been recording details from patient calls and will soon start dealing with telephone enquiries.

I’ve learned about working with spreadsheets, using a scanner and looking after private details. It is very important to be careful with this work.

It was nerve wracking at first but I got used to it quickly thanks to my colleagues and the support we get. I am pleased to have come out of my comfort zone and am having a great time here!”


“At the moment, I am based in the post room. DSC_0074
We handle thousands of letters going out to patients every day. I had training in what to do on the post run and now enjoy seeing the people I have got to know as I do the rounds. In this role you have to be careful and pay attention to processes. I like working in the hospital and keeping busy, this has been a good new experience for me.”


“I maintain equipment supplies in my ward. DSC_0044
After being shown what to do I was working on my own from the second day! I like being able to work independently, and in this job there is always something to do – checking stocks and delivering supplies to consulting rooms.  This is a proper job, it is different to the volunteering I have done before. I enjoy the work even more than being in class.”