Funding for Higher Education Courses at CNWL

Higher Education Funding

The College of North West London offers a range of university level qualifications. There are many financial options to support students with the cost of the fees and living costs (full-time only). Most funding for both tuition fees and living costs can be applied for via Student Finance England (SFE). We recommend that learners apply for Student Finance as soon as possible. It is possible to do this even before the college confirms a place on the course.


The main student finance package includes:

The Tuition Fee Loan pays for students’ courses and Maintenance Loan helps with living costs (e.g. accommodation, books and bills). Loans will have to be paid back. For existing students that enrolled onto their course from academic year 2015/2016, they can apply for the Maintenance Grants. This is a non-repayable grant whereby payment is a contribution towards living costs. 

Students might get be eligible for additional support.

Students can apply for student finance every year. They do not need a confirmed place at university or college to apply.

How to Apply

Students wishing to apply for Student Finance can apply online at Students can also request a paper-based application by using this link

Loans and Grants

Use the student finance calculator to see what finance and extra help you can get.

Tuition Fee Loan

The loan is paid directly to your university or college. Students will have to pay it back once they have qualified.

Full-time student Tuition Fee Loan
Full-time Up to £9000
Full-time at a private university or college Up to £6000


Part-time student Tuition Fee Loan
Part-time Up to £6750
Full-time at a private university or college Up to £4500

Maintenance Loan for Living Costs

Students may have to give details of their household income.

The loan is paid directly into the student’s bank account at the start of term. They have to pay the loan back once they have qualified.

Full-time student Maintenance Loan
Living at home Up to £6904
Living away from home, outside London Up to £8200
Living away from home, in London Up to £10702
If you spend a year of a UK course studying abroad Up to £9391

Existing Students that have enrolled onto course for academic year 2015/2016:
Maintenance Grant for Living Costs

Please refer to the Student Finance Website for more information about the Maintenance Grant and eligibility to apply:

Students have to give details about their household income and their course start date.

The grant is paid into the student’s bank account at the start of term. They do not have to pay the grant back, but any grant they receive will reduce the Maintenance Loan they are entitled to.

Full-time student – household income Maintenance Grant
£25,000 or less £3,387
£30,000 £2,441
£35,000 £1494
£40,000 £547
£42,620 £50

Students with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities

Who can get help with Disabled Student Allowances (DSA)?

Health conditions and learning difficulties which qualify

Students may be eligible for DSAs if they have any of the following:

  • a mental-health condition, such as anxiety or depression;
  • a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia;
  • a developmental disorder, such as autism, ADHD/ADD;
  • a progressive medical condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer or HIV;
  • a sensory impairment which could affect the ability to see or hear.

To see if you are eligible or for more information please visit:

2016 to 2017 Academic Year

Type of student Specialist equipment allowance Non-medical helper allowance General allowance
Full-time Up to £5,212 for the whole course Up to £20,725 a year Up to £1,741 a year
Part-time Up to £5,212 for the whole course Up to £15,543 a year Up to £1,305 a year

How to Apply for Disabled Students Allowance

To apply for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) you need to send the form DSA1 to Student Finance England or visit to download an application form.

How is this paid?

The money to cover the support needs identified is paid to the college.

Important things to remember

  • Apply early to ensure support is in place when you start college. You should apply by June 2016 to ensure that support is in place for courses starting in September 2016.
  • Students can apply for the College Higher Education Bursary. For more information about the Bursary please see the Student Finance & Welfare Team at either the Willesden or Wembley Campus or email
  • Please ensure any information requested by Student Finance England or the Disabled Student Allowance Team is provided promptly