Plastering - Diploma L1

Diploma In Plastering (16-18): Level 1

This plastering course is suitable for you if you are preparing to seek employment in the construction industry in the future. At Level 1, you will develop the practical skills and learn the necessary theory to confidently undertake a range of small projects. Our experienced industry professionals will guide you and help you to develop your skills and knowledge in our fully equipped workshops.
At Level 1 you will cover the following: *Ceilings and walls *Angle beads *Different plastering materials *Modern industry techniques *Floors, *Outside and inside finishes, and Making good
You will need English and maths skills at Entry 3. If you do not have evidence of your English and maths levels you will be given an online English and maths assessment after you submit your application. You may also be asked to complete a piece of free writing or a vocational assessment. If you meet the entry requirements you will then be offered an interview with a tutor to discuss the course.
You will be taught practical sessions in our fully equipped workshops. Theory sessions will be delivered in the classroom using a range of teaching tools and techniques.
You will be assessed by a series of online exams and practical trade tests.
Our qualified tutors will support and guide you in the classrooms/workshops and through tutorials as they help you to develop the skills and techniques required in industry. Learning Support is also available for those with learning difficulties/disabilities; please let us know on application if you require this service. If you need help or advice on other matters such as welfare and finance, please contact our Course Information Centres at Willesden or Wembley Park.
We offer a programme of social and sports activities to all our students; full information is available from the Student Room at your centre of study. Student rooms are available for those who want to play games, meet up with friends or just chill.
A range of snacks, hot and cold foods are available to purchase in the canteen and café facilities, as well as vending machines. Halal meat and washing facilities are available at both centres. We have Quiet Rooms for those preferring to reflect. LRCs (libraries) are available at both centres, fully equipped with a wide range of learning materials and qualified friendly staff on hand to support you.
Annually we take part in a range of national and regional competitions in a wide range of subject areas for those keen to show off the skills they have gained on their courses. Competition entry is not compulsory and does not apply to all subject areas; please ask your tutor if it applies to your course.
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Course Details

Diploma In Plastering (16-18): Level 1
Course Code: A1472
Awarding Body: City and Guilds
Location: Willesden
of study:
9.00am - 5.00pm

Start date: 02-09-2019
Duration: 36 weeks
Fees: UK (16-18): from £Free UK (19-23): from £ UK (24+): from £