Digital Media Production - Diploma L2

Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production: Level 2

Media is a broad term, and in this course, there is opportunity to learn and develop skills in media writing, for journalism and magazine production, social media marketing and advertising promotions, and in media production, there is opportunity to produce video advertising, retail and art-based photography, animation and web-design. This course introduces you to creative media specific, professional, commercial ways of writing and research, and you will be given opportunity to express your own feelings and ideas about the world around you, and practice experimental ways of producing photographic, graphic and moving images.

This course will enable you to gain a Level 2 qualification that will be equivalent to 4 GCSEs at grade 4 and or above. 

You will also produce a portfolio which will allow you to progress to the next level, usually a Level 3 Diploma. 

This course is designed to give opportunity to explore combined course units, covering more than one course unit in production projects to produce an online and printed magazine, commercial advertising, fashion, health and beauty photography and television graphics. 

In this course you will be analysing the media work made by professional, to be inspired by, and you will also analyse your own media work, on the way to becoming more professional yourself.

To understand how media products are made for the public you shall also work with basic media law, get familiar with media businesses and understand how audience profiling works.  

You will also study Functional Skills in English and ICT or maths; this will help you to strengthen your communication skills. 

You will need an English and / or Math qualification at Level 1 or GCSE Grade 3. In addition, you will need other qualifications, with a minimum of a BTEC Level 1 and at least two GCSEs at grade 3. Applicants can also show talent, interest and commitment to the subject by providing own work as creative writing, music, lyrics, photography, drawing, painting, graphics, video or animation for special consideration at course interview. You will need to commit to between 3 – 9 hrs of homework each week.
Your course will consist of you learning through your own experiences, experiential learning. You will be given demonstrations on how to operate technology and given technical support and time to learn, when you need it, and likewise for media writing you shall be given guidance and support. You will be given information and guidance by lecturers and visiting professionals, and you will be working on PC workstations, in a video and photography studio, video and audio edit suites, seminar rooms and an Apple-Mac based design studio.
You will be continuously assessed for most course units, and you will be awarded Pass, Merit or Distinction grades according to the quality of work produced for each course unit assignment. Course unit assignments require submission to exact deadlines to avoid course unit 'Retakes'. Two course units are tested in exam conditions, and you will be guided and supported for these.
Our qualified tutors will support and guide you in the classrooms/workshops and through tutorials as they help you to develop the skills and techniques required in industry. Learning Support is also available for those with learning difficulties/disabilities; please let us know on application if you require this service. If you need help or advice on other matters such as welfare and finance, please contact our Course Information Centres at Willesden or Wembley Park.
We offer a programme of social and sports activities to all our students; full information is available from the Student Room at your centre of study. Student rooms are available for those who want to play games, meet up with friends or just chill.
A range of snacks, hot and cold foods are available to purchase in the canteen and café facilities, as well as vending machines. Halal meat and washing facilities are available at both centres. We have Quiet Rooms for those preferring to reflect. LRCs (libraries) are available at both centres which are fully equipped with a wide range of learning materials and have qualified friendly staff on hand to support you.
We take part in a range of national and regional competitions annually, in a wide range of subject areas for those keen to show off the skills they have gained on their courses. Competition entry is not compulsory and does not apply to all subject areas; please ask your tutor if it applies to your course.
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Course Details

Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production: Level 2
Course Code: A1583
Awarding Body: EDEXCEL
Location: Willesden
of study:

Start date: 02-09-2019
Duration: 36 weeks
Fees: UK (16-18): from £Free UK (19-23): from £ UK (24+): from £