Adult Learners at CNWL

Every year thousands of adult learners (aged 19+) join our vocational courses to help improve their career prospects through gaining new skills and qualifications.

Course levels vary to help meet the needs of individuals. All courses offer progression routes to more advanced study as well as employment opportunities.

Full-time study

Many of our adult students study full-time. In practice this often means attending College on three or four days a week. It is therefore possible to work part-time alongside your course, as long as you can also find the time needed for studying.

Part-time study

Many adults who are working full-time, or who have other major time commitments, join part-time courses to update their skills or gain a qualification to validate their practical experience. Part-time courses can take place in the day or the evening. You will usually spend 3-6 hours per week in College, and need to spend a similar amount of time on private study.

Access courses

Access courses are specially designed for adults who have been out of education for some time. They provide a combination of specialist knowledge and practical study skills to help adults progress into higher education.