Skills Show 2018

Watch the video from Construction and engineering competitions at our Skills Show 2018
  • Radio courses at CNWL

    Radio courses at CNWL

    Get skills to work in the UK's growing radio industry! Radio employs not only DJs ...
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  • Being on the Student Council

    Being on the Student Council

    One of our student council members talks about the skills he has gained by being ...
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  • Skills Show 2016

    Skills Show 2016

    Highlights from our Annual Skills and Competition Day
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  • Apprentice in Electrical Installation

    Apprentice in Electrical Installation

    An apprentice talks about working and studying electrical installation
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  • Getting the Skills for Success

    Getting the Skills for Success

    Whatever your course, we will give you the package of skills needed for a successful ...
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  • Skills at CNWL - Media

    Skills at CNWL - Media

    One of our media students talks about the skills she learned on the course
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  • Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Us?

    Some of our students talk about why they chose the College of North West London...
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  • Apprenticeships


    Apprentices and employers talk about the advantages of apprenticeship training with the College of North ...
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  • Enrichment


    Taking part in sports and other activities outside the classroom doesn't just make college more ...
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  • Employability


    Work experience and employability skills are a key part of the College of North West ...
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