Ivette Laviola

Ivette studied CELTA - a specialist teaching Ivette
course for English language - at our Wembley Campus and is now working as a teacher for Brent Start. Here she talks about her CELTA course at the College of North West London.

What made you choose to study CELTA at the College of North West London?
The course is taught one day a week for 8 months and this made it possible for me, as a mature student with family and work commitments, to complete the CELTA course. I couldn’t have done an intense, full time course in one month.

What did you enjoy most about the course?
The standard of teaching is excellent. I loved the experiential learning, something you couldn’t learn from books alone. I appreciated being in a small class where you get to know everyone very well.

How has the course helped you since you finished here?
I was very active looking for a job and I volunteered while I was studying at CNWL. I applied for various positions and my course tutor wrote fantastic references for me. I got a job in the same month I finished my CELTA course at CNWL and I was so happy!

What are your ambitions for the future relating to teaching languages?
I enjoy my job very much and now I am thinking of applying for positions abroad. With this qualification and the experience I have accumulated I could easily find work in schools of different countries.

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