Hafiza Sultan

Hafiza studied CELTA - a specialist teaching course for English language - at our Wembley Campus in 2016-17. She is now working for an international language school, teaching English in Casablanca. She spoke to us recently

What made you choose to study CELTA at the College of North West London?
Hafiza Celta teacher
I chose CNWL to do my CELTA because it was the same college my mum and uncle did theirs. They recommended it to me as they liked the tutors and had a good experience.

What did you enjoy most about the course?
I enjoyed how practical the course was. It was very developmental and we were immediately putting to practice all the theory we were being taught. We were also being observed and were given extensive feedback after each lesson. So every next lesson we were working on the feedback until our teaching became very refined.

What was the most useful skill you developed while on the course?
The course really helped in building my confidence. I'm quite a shy quiet person especially with groups of new people and I was having to face and teach groups of people I didn't know while being observed. It took a long time for me to get comfortable but by the end of the course I was very comfortable in my role as a teacher.

How has the course helped you since you finished here?
Without the CELTA I wouldn't have been able to get my teaching job.

What are your ambitions for the future relating to teaching languages?
Well, I'm currently teaching EFL in Casablanca,  Morocco at a language centre. Next year I plan on moving to somewhere different and teaching there. After a few more years of experience I intend on doing the DELTA (a more advanced teaching qualification).

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