19+ Hardship Fund

Students aged between 19 years old or over at the start of their course can apply for this fund. This support is only available for courses up to Level 2 only. 

The student’s gross annual household income needs to be £25,000 or less. 

Support Available: 

- Fees Award (courses up to Level 2)
Can contribute up to 90% towards the cost of their course. Students would need to pay the initial 50% of the cost of the course in order to enrol.

- Travel Award 
The student needs to live 1.5 miles or more from the College to apply. Travel support will be a contribution for the number of days the student is timetabled to attend College.

- Childcare Award 
Childcare support is a contribution of up to £30 per timetabled day. Students can only apply for childcare support for a maximum of 2 children. The childcare provider needs to be Ofsted Registered and students need to provide full birth certificate(s).  

- Material/Books Award 
A one-off payment either paid to the department or directly to the student’s bank account within the academic year.

- High Kit Costs Material Support Award
Students who are studying towards a hairdressing/beauty/sports & exercise science qualification will be entitled to 70% towards the cost of the associated materials. 

Applying for Hardship/Financial Support Checklist 

Students need to fully complete an application form and provide all supporting evidence.

Supporting Documents

Evidence of the student’s current residency (passport, British passport, biometric card, home office documents, travel document)
Evidence that you and your spouse (if applicable) are in receipt of:
- Support Letter from DWP
- Income based JSA
- Income ESA
- Support under Part IV of the Immigration & Asylum Act
- Universal Credit
- Guarantee element of State Pension Credit 
- Tax Credit Award Notice for the qualifying year
- Tenancy agreement/rent
- Working Tax Credit for the qualifying year 
- Recent bank statements showing receipt of benefits (if you do not have the benefits letters). 
- Recent payslips (last 2 months) or tax return/accountant’s letter will only be required to evidence household gross annual income. 
- Social Services Letter (Care Leavers with Local Authority)
If you are aged 19-21 not working and living with parent /guardian, you will need to provide evidence of parent(s) or guardian(s) benefits or salaries (payslips). 
If you are applying for childcare support, you will need to upload:

- Full birth certificates (for children)
- Completed childcare form (available on the pay my student account or collect from the Student Finance & Welfare Team)