CNWL Skills Show 2018

Our annual skills competition day was held on 21 March 2018.
For a news report of the event please click here

Competitions and winners

Here are all the competitions held and the awards made:

Bricklaying: Level 1
Winner: Alexandru Margarit
2nd place: Douglas Holanda
3rd place: Ben Hunter

Bricklaying: Level 2
Joint Winners: Brian Dooley, Luke Curry

Dry Lining: Level 2  
Joint Winners: Ryan Leighton, Alfie Howe

Winner: Mayurika Narendra
2nd place: Sejal Ramesh
3rd place: Lea Townend 

Winner: Khadija Al-Meshal
2nd place: Aliya Jeelani
3rd place: Yasmina Miakhel 

Microsoft Office, Level 3 
Winner: Maria-Lorendana Flore
2nd place: Ahmad Raiwan
3rd place: Gloria Angelova

Network Infrastructure, Level 3 
Winner: Naveed Nazamy
2nd place: Yosuf  Abdalla
3rd place: Haseeb Nazamy

Painting and Decorating: Level 2 Year 1

Winner: Tyla O'Halloran

Painting and Decorating: Level 2 Year 2
Winner: Danny Clark

Painting and Decorating: Level 3 
Winner: Lily Wood
2nd place: Nathan Evans, Martin Telfer

Plastering: Level 1
Winner: name to follow
2nd place: Hilali Abdarahim
3rd place: Hugh White

Plastering: Level 2
Winner: Rhys Palmer
2nd place: Kieron Golding, Charlie Bigg

Plastering: Level 2 (Fibrous)
Winner: Tom Smith
2nd place: Harry May

Plastering: Level 3  
Winner: Tyrell St John

Spelling Bee
Group Winners: Level 2 Accounting (Rui Branco; Aldair Agostino; Asbino Tamang)
Individual Winner: Fahima Hasani

Video Moving Image (team competition)
Winners: Harry Gutherson, Hareram Premakumar
2nd Place: Obuchi Ononye, Laura Marie Townend

Web Design: Intermediate

Winner: Faisal Amin
2nd place: Alexandru Flocea
3rd place: Robert Lcatis

Web Design: Advanced
Winner: Jim Won Ean