Apprenticeship Case Studies

We interviewed a number of our apprentices about their experience of apprenticeships at CNWL.

Ellie Goodall - Editing apprentice with BBC

“I had a job in marketing but have Ellie Goodall always had a keen interest in TV and when I saw this apprenticeship I recognised a great opportunity. It was a wonderful feeling to be accepted.
I’m working with BBC3, doing social media and voxpops. My colleagues are very helpful and get you involved in doing interviews, recording, editing…everything really!
Today, BBC apprentices from around the country are at CNWL for a college day. We’re learning technical skills for camera.”

Rachel Penfold - Civil Engineer with Careys

Rachel Penfold

“I’m a civil engineering apprentice with Careys. For most of the week I am ‘setting out’ construction work at the Battersea Power Station regeneration. Carey’s is a great company to be an apprentice with, everything is well organised and the cost of all our valuable training is covered."

Rachel met with a group of year 10 students on a STEM course in the college recently to explain about apprenticeships.  She said: “I enjoy telling people about the benefits of apprenticeships because they open up so many opportunities.”

Steven Kerr – Painter and Decorator at Marriott Hotels Steven Kerr
“I was working in retail but wanted to get skills as a painter and decorator because it would give me the chance for a career and to end up working for myself. I applied for an apprenticeship through the National Apprenticeship Service website and was really pleased to get offered the job by Marriott Hotels. Despite my lack of experience the manager was impressed with my attitude and said they wanted people with enthusiasm. I work in the Grosvenor Square hotel - with over 200 rooms there is always a job that needs doing. There’s plenty of variety. On my college days I feel I’m learning stuff that will benefit my future.”

Tialer Johnson - CAD technician at Arup

Tialer Johnson

“With my employer, Arup, I’m involved in a CAD team doing mechanical, electrical and public health work on three new Metro station in Riyadh. It’s exciting work and shows that apprentices are an important part of the company’s business."

Tialer met with a group of year 10 students on a STEM course recently to explain apprenticeships. “I would advise anyone thinking of becoming an apprentice not to worry about lack of experience or knowledge. You will build up your skills quickly and everyone is willing to help you.”

Eugen Berlacu – Civil Engineer at Fenton 

Eugen Berlacu “I’m an apprentice engineer and my current work project is ground works for new hotels at the Royal Docks in London. An apprenticeship is the best way to learn and develop. The Docklands area is a great place to train as a civil engineer, there are so many great projects going on.”

Eugen's Science and Materials lecturer Adewala Abimbola added: "Eugen uses his experience well in class to help others. He is dedicated to learning and relates the theory to his work."

Gaia Della Venezia - Business & Admin Level 3, administrator at CNWL Gaia Della "I have been learning lots of new things on this course and am getting skills that I could use in a variety of roles.
The experience is very valuable if you want to get into the world of work, it’s a brilliant stepping stone."

Diana Stefanesco - Business and Admin Level 2, administrator at CNWL

Diana S“Everything I am learning is new for me. The whole office experience is great and enjoyable.  I am picking up a lot of new things, like Excel and general running of an office.

The course is helping me towards my goal which is to work in an admin role in a school, so working in education is great for my future plans. If you don’t speak English as a first language like me you have support available to help you improve your level for work.”

Drew Clark – Demolition Manager at Scudders

Drew ClarkDrew’s route into an apprenticeship was a bit different from the norm. He had been working for his company for a year when he requested he be placed onto an apprenticeship as a way of developing his skills and career opportunities.

“The apprenticeship is opening up my awareness of different avenues in the construction sector,” says Drew. “I would advise any young person to make use of training opportunities while they are young, and an apprenticeship is a great way to do it.”

Berkan Ergun - Civil Engineer at Arup
Berkan Ergun"Berkan has very high standards and always asks questions to improve his learning." Science and Materials lecturer Adewala Abimbola.
Berkan told us: "At Arup I am working in London on the design stage of the Riyadh Metro. I am excited at the thought of travelling to Saudi Arabia some time to work on the project.
I was in sixth form when I was looking at the choice between traditional university and apprenticeships. Earning money, getting experience and being involved in practical work are all great reasons for choosing an apprenticeship. I still intend to study at university but being a higher apprentice means I will be supported by my company."

Kieran Moggan - Apprentice Plumber with Gavin Mechanical Services

Kieran moggan“I’d taken A Levels but was uninspired about going on to university. After a few enquiries I was offered an apprenticeship and I am really enjoying it. 18 months in, I have learnt a lot about the trade and am working on a restoring a major London hotel, fitting out bathrooms and restaurant kitchens.”

Kieran met with a group of year 10 students on a STEM course recently to explain apprenticeships. “A career is a long time, think about what you enjoy and are good at. An apprenticeship is a way to get experience in that.”