How to become an apprentice

In order to apply to College for an Apprenticeship, you must first find an employer willing to give you a job as an Apprentice, and willing to sponsor you at College.

You can apply to be an Apprentice if:

  • You are working in a relevant role
  • Live in England
  • Are not currently in Full time Education

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice you will need to do the following:

If you are working let us know who your employer is so we can speak to them about supporting you to become an apprentice. You will need to contact the Apprenticeship Team and speak to:

Stephen Kelly 020 8208 5281 or

If you are not working (or not working in the sector you wish to be an apprentice in), it may be worth taking a regular college course to help you move in that direction. Many apprentices get their Apprenticeship job having completed one or more years on a full-time college course, developing the skills and industry contacts they need to get onto the shortlist for Apprenticeship vacancies.

For more help and advice of full-time courses and how they can help you progress, check out our Course Information Services, call us 020 8208 5050 or drop in and speak to our course information team