National Apprenticeship Week 2019


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Case studies

The College of North West London enrols hundreds of apprentices every year, in around 30 different specialist qualifications from civil engineering to broadcasting!

During National Apprenticeship Week, we published stories about the achievements of some of CNWL's many apprentices.

Euan Sime, Broadcast Media Apprentice with the BBC

Euan Sime, Broadcasting apprenticeHow did you get onto the apprenticeship?
A friend had previously been on the scheme and found it incredible! She came through my radio show in Brighton, and told me to apply. I created a montage of my shows to prove my love for the industry, and achieved a place. 

What kind of projects are you working on?
Currently, I work on Radio 1Xtra and The Asian Network where I am acting as a production assistant. This involves planning segments for shows, scheduling music, writing guest notes, filming and editing interviews, among a variety of other things. No two days are the same.

What are your plans for the future?
Having had the varied experiences offered through this apprenticeship, I have gained a variety of skills which are utilised in different areas of production. This allows me to keep my options open; it is possible for me to work as a Producer on a show team, in visual radio, or even events!

Alessandro Spera - Gas Apprentice with Axis Europe

"I got into the apprenticeship through my local council and CITB, who helped me get interviews with Alessandro Gas Axis different construction business including Axis Europe.  I did a lot of research and practices interviews until I landed my apprenticeship. I really enjoyed all my four years at CNWL and my tutors made a huge difference from day one on my progress.
I am now working for the same company that I had my training with, Axis Europe. On daily basis I get involved in boiler installation, breakdowns and servicing. Apprenticeships are a great way to develop a career.”

Jake Blows - painter and decoratorJake Blows - Painting and Decorating Apprentice with Tones Specialist Paper Hangers

Jake had been on the painting and decorating course for a few weeks when he was offered a job as an apprentice with Tones. He still studies at the College one day a week while working on a mix of domestic and commercial properties during his four days a week at work.

“I love being an apprentice,” says Jake. “You get to develop practical skills in your day at college which you then use straight away at work. I’m taught the right way to do jobs, with good equipment and facilities, so I can have high standards at work. I would advise anyone with the opportunity to get on an apprenticeship to jump at the chance.”

Jack Sutton - Apprentice on programming, BBC

How did you get onto the apprenticeship? Jack Sutton
I found it when I researched opportunities online for young people interested in the film and media industry. I went through a lengthy application and then an assessment day in Birmingham before finally getting the call to say I was on!

Who do you work for now and what kind of projects are you working on?
I work for EastEnders now as a Runner and have worked on many Episodes, giving cues to cast, distributing paperwork and managing some of the crew on set. I am currently shadowing the 3rd AD, learning how to book supporting artists and managing a budget.

What are your plans for the future?
My dream is to work in the film industry as a Director or Editor. I aim to work closely with BBC Films and learn how they work to exec produce films. This apprenticeship is an ideal place to start those relationships.
An apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity to anyone interested in the film or media industry to learn the trade, create new contacts and grow more confident as a person. I have found I have developed these skills already during my time as a BBC apprentice.