We are committed to ensuring all our learners are in a safe and secure environment. We have a dedicated team of staff you can contact at any time.

To ensure all our students are safe we:

  • Practice safe staff recruitment and check the suitability of staff and volunteers that work with young students or vulnerable adults
  • Raise awareness of child protection, vulnerable adults and safeguarding through staff training sessions
  • Implement policy and procedures for identifying and reporting cases or suspected cases of abuse against a young person or vulnerable adult
  • Support young students or vulnerable adults who have been subjected to abuse
  • Listen to and support our students to ensure their learning environment is safe and welcoming

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact a staff member listed below:

Anna Openshaw-Lawrence – Vice Principal – People & Planning

Ben Humpage – Head of Student Development Services

Diana Brown – Deputy Head of Student Development Services

Laura Armstrong – Head of Department – ESOL

Alison Eaglestone – Head of Supported Learning & Learning Support

Tim Weston – Section Manager – Trowel Trades

Mervyn Ross – Deputy Director of Curriculum – Construction and Engineering

Helen Crabtree – Manager – School Links 14-16

Phyllis Scoon – Head of Department – ICT & Business

Gavin Prime – Head of Security

Wayne Dixon – Lecturer – Supported Learning

You can view our Safeguarding Policy here