World Skills Finals


CNWL carpentry student, Lee, won a bronze medal at the World Skills UK Carpentry finals at the end of 2018. Lee qualified for the World Skills UK Carpentry finals in summer 2018 with the second highest points in the UK.


As he had completed his level 3 assessments early on, he began the training for the London SKILLBUILD Regional Carpentry Competition. Lee proved to be extremely self-motivated, focused and insisted on practicing from 9am -9pm, noting all tips and feedback. 

Once he had qualified for the National Finals, Lee was told that he would need to practice for several more months and improve his skills in order to have a chance of winning a medal.  With two young children to look after and a fulltime job, Lee arrived every evening straight after work, full of motivation wanting to get straight on with the next task. He clearly loved the complicated roofing geometry which proved that he had a really good chance at winning as his practical skills were excellent and were still improving. 

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